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Other Projects

While some of these projects may not exemplify the full industrial design process,  they show other elements of my work, my sense of aesthetics, and my love of working with my hands.


Telephone Chair

A compact chaise lounge in the style of a telephone chair. Constructed of birch plywood and integrating CNC cut segments for the "trans-lam" panels. 


Console Speaker

A rear horn-loaded speaker console created for a biomimicry themed assignment. The 8" fullrange driver and 9' internal horn combine to create an efficient system reaching down to nearly 40hz with the authority of a much larger driver. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.42.56 PM.png

Modular Shelving

A modular shelving system derived from a "Self-Watering Planter" project.


Model Making

Models from various projects


Fashion 299

My first foray into fashion, this class focused on sustainability and unconventional materials. The class culminated in a fashion show in which some of the best works from the semester could be showcased (as chosen by a jury of judges). I was lucky enough to have all of my looks featured.

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